I’m a digital marketing specialist based in Barcelona.

My experience goes around the digital environment, although I am capable of planning and executing on-and-offline campaigns. I have been lucky to work in several roles in marketing: That expanded my know-how and my vision to become a versatile professional with a wide point of view on digital communications and brand identity.

Writing and designing have been two of my biggest passions even before I started my Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Year after year, I developed a vast interest in advertising, where I could apply my talents. That is why I studied a Master’s Degree in Strategic Planning and Creative Brand Management, and focused my career in Digital Marketing.

Organisations that have certified my skills:

I had the opportunity to learn in different industries, from technology to finance and wellness, always as a marketing specialist in several areas: social media, brand and product positioning, e-mail marketing, graphic design, copywriting, video…

As an individual, I firmly believe that brands should be honest with their audiences, to be trustworthy and loved, but also because it can make our world a better place.

Let’s do it together.