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December’s Bonus Product of the Month in the Loyalty Program is Transfer Factor™ Tri-Factor™ Formula.

You will probably know this supplement already, as it is one of the most potent products of 4Life: Tri-Factor contains the highest amount of Transfer Factor per capsule (300mg).

Make sure to be a part of the Loyalty Program to enjoy free goodies every month, and do life differently with 4Life.

This February, BioEFA is the Loyalty Program’s Product of the Month. As you might know, it is a powerful essential fatty acid supplement, based on oil fish, and a mix of seed oils: linen, borage and safflower. Are you taking it regularly?

During April,  the Loyalty Program’s Product of the Month is Classic. You will probably know already that this is the very first supplement launched by 4Life. It contains cow colostrum to support your overall wellness, have you tried it yet?

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